Aplikacja Mobilna Solidele App 2.0 - zdjęcie na urządzeniu

Solidele App 2.0

Solidele App 2.0

The app connects to Solidele devices via the Bluetooth interface. It enables convenient and intuitive control and provides advanced configuration options for connected devices.

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Aplikacja Mobilna Solidele App 2.0 - strona główna


The application provides remote amplifier control. You can quickly select the audio source, set the right volume level, balance or tone colour.


Widok Aplikacji Mobilnej Solidele App 2.0 - IR config

Any IR Remote Control

Using the application, you can program your amplifier to work with any remote control. For example, you can use the optional keys on the TV remote. Solidele devices support all IR signal standards.

Widok Aplikacji Mobilnej Solidele App 2.0 - Inputs config

Advanced Settings
For Input Interfaces

With the Solidele app you have the ability to only activate the input interfaces you actually use, greatly shortening the time required to operate your equipment. In addition, you can adjust the sensitivity of analog inputs to achieve equal volume for each sound source used. A de-emphasis filter profile for the phono input (RIAA/TELDEC/IEC) is also available. The application also allows you to configure the amplifier so that it switches on automatically when an audio signal appears on selected digital sources (e.g. automatic switching on of the amplifier when the TV starts).

Widok Aplikacji Mobilnej Solidele App 2.0 - Update


Solidele provides new versions of the software for free. If we identify errors in the functioning of a device or improve its operation, you can easily upgrade the software of your amplifiers and expansion modules using the mobile application. This way we ensure that our devices can be used effectively far into the future, when new interfaces and audio streaming services gain popularity.

Widok Aplikacji Mobilnej Solidele App 2.0 - Streamer config

Streamer And Network Player

The Solidele app allows you to control the operation of the streamer installed in the amplifier extension slot. With our application you can control the playback of music files from the built-in network drive or one connected via the USB port. The app also allows you to configure connections to the Spotify Connect and TIDAL Connect streaming services.
Download the app and enjoy high quality music with Solidele!

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